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Board and Committee Members

Los Altos Art Club is operated by its members.  Annual elections are held for board positions, and you are always welcome to attend board meetings.  There are many committees that handle the club's functions.  Please contact us for more information about the committees and if you are interested in joining a committee.

Los Altos Art Club Board


Vice President



Aileen Trent

Carol Rivers

Ellen Barker

Isao Nojima

Committee Chairpersons

Newsletter Editor________________Ellen Barker

Newsletter Dispatch - email_____Leslie Grimm

Programs_________________________Rona Foster

Webmaster_______________________Leslie Grimm

Refreshments____________________Wanda Lee

Membership______________________Isao Nojima

Monthly Competition____________Ellen Barker, Lenora Valainis

Exhibit Venues____________________Julia Kahan

Art Show Coordinator____________Aileen Trent

Panels____________________________ Rona Foster


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