These are links to local artists who have given demonstrations at LAAC. Many offer classes and workshops.

2022 Demonstrators

January, February, March:  no demonstrators due to pandemic

Nancie Crawley, April 2022, richly colorful paintings,

Judy Kramer, May 2022, photography

Christine Oliver, June 2022, Watercolor and Mixed Media,

Kai Lun Qu, September 2022, Oils,

Chun-Hui Yu, October 2022, Visit her website



2021 Demonstrators

Joan Sparks, November 2021, Wildlife Photographer, website

Rona Foster, June 2021, Studio Tour,

Toni Rockwell, May 2021, Fused Glass,

Robin Scholl, April 2021, Impressionistic Landscapes,

Chris Cozen, March 2021, Color Line and Pattern,

Bruce Marion, February 2021, Colorful landscapes and wildlife.

2020 Demonstrators

Rhada Rao, March 2020, painting small canvases with thick paint.

Jim Smyth, February 2020, Drawing demonstration. Jim's website

Martha Castillo, January 2020, Clayprinting,

2019 Demonstrators

April Maiten, November 2019, Glass Mosaics,

Joan Sparks, October 2019, Nature Photography, website

Stacey Nussbaum, September 2019, California Landscapes, pastels,

Cathy ZAnder, July 2019, hands on workshop on collage,

Shirley Bunger, June 2019, Mixed Media,

Taly Shemy, May 2019, Paint and found papers,

Ruth Von Jahnke Waters, sculpture, paintings, more about her

Karen White, March 2019, Oil painter,

Susan Chan, February 2019, Expressionist Chinese Landscapes

Jacqueline Ernst, January 2019, TBD

2018 Demonstrators

Jan Prisco, November 2018, Pastel Landscape Painting,

Joan Sparks, October 2018, Amazon Jungle Treasures, Photography,

Dana Harris, September 2018, Linoleum Block Printing,

Zoya Scholis, June 2018, palette knife painting with acrylics,

Yao-Pi, May 2018, Photography,

Carolyn Garner, April 2018, Swedish Rag Art

Myrna Wacknov March 2018,  Figurative and Potrait Character Studies,

Gemma Gylling, February 2018, Animals, Colored Pencil,

Karen Olsen, January 2018, Watercolor,

2017 Demonstrators 

Mosaic Mash-up, November 2017, Rachel Greenberg, April Maiten, Kathy Richardson, Kathy Schuyler, Laurel Woodard

Joan Sparks, October 2017, Photography

Rachel Tirosh, September 2017, Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Abstract Painting.

Harry Jackson, August 2017, Acrylic, Oil and Watercolor

Joy Kuo, June 2017, Making a Global Perspective Personal

Caroline Steier McClintic, May 2017, Distressed Paper Technique, watercolor

Curtis Boyle, April 2017, Representational Watercolorist

Shone Chaco, March 2017, Scratchboard Artist,

Ferenc Besze, February 2017, Master of Mood and Light,

Dorit Elisha, January 2017, Mixed Media,

2016 Demonstrators 

Linda Seiker, November 2016, Masa Paper

Karen Olsen, October 2016, Watercolor,
Sam Pearson, August 2016, Pastelist,

Jan Grady, June 2016, Transparent Watercolors,

Kay Duffy, May 2016, Fixing "failed" paintings,

Caroline Mustard, April 2016, Creating fine art on mobile devices,

Denise Howard, March 2016, Colored Pencil Art,

Ailleen Trant, February 2016, fabric art, purses

Floy Zittin, January 2016, Watercolor,

2015 Demonstrators 

Susan Karlak, November 2015, Fine Art Photography,

Teresa Beyer, September 2015, 3-D process,

Robin Scholl, August 2015, landscapes in watercolor, gouache, and pastel,

Christine Oliver, June 2015, How to use more Water in Your Watercolors, ChristineOliverFineArt

Kay Culpepper, May 2015, Wet-in-Wet technique, 

Brian Sal Corral, April 2015, inner portraits, Facebook page 

Nancy Wulff, March 2015, watercolor,

Jaki Ernst, February 2015, art of making popups,

Jaya King, January 2015, encaustic,

2014 Demonstrators 

Kathy Qi, November 2014, photography and key2arts,

Myrna Wacknov, October 2014, Portraits,

Martha Castillo, September 2014, Clayprinting,

Zoya Scholis, August 2014, watercolor: composition, masking and color layering - tape and spray technique with atomizer.,

Uma Kelkar, June 2014, paintings,

Cuong Nguyen, May 2014, Pastel Portraits,

Wendy Fitzgerald, April 2014, Cubist Art,

Stella Zhange, March 2014 paintings (ink, rice paper), installation art,

Connie Kleinjans, Feb. 2014, paintings "from the gut",

Margo Mullan, Jan, 2014, whimsical characters (robots) and murals,