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Great American Framing Company Show 2010

Our talented artists presented works in many media.  Wall art included oil, pastels, acrylic, watercolor, photgraphs, and embossed metal and fabric.  Whimsical sculptures and plates were created from glass and mosaic tiles.

Artists B to H

Nina Leone Bricker, Robyn Crumly, Rosa Farinas,  Daniela Friedmann, Rose Hagan, Xuan My Ho

Artists K to N

Yasuo Kishimoto, Susan Brott Lawson, Marjorie Liebert, April Maiten, Derek Mathias, Judi McCalla, Isao Nojima

Artists P to T

Shirley Prausa,  Kathy Richardson,  Jane Saltman, Kathleen Sartain, Nancy Troup

Artists U to Z

Katherine Ulriksen, Laurel Woodard, Catharine H. Zander

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